The ultra-thin character mono OLED display offers both exceptionally high performance and versatility, and can be used for a range of industrial applications.

At GTK, our character OLED displays are only 2.3 mm thick and have an extremely high contrast ratio. They also have a 'free viewing angle' which allows them to be viewed from any angle without compromise.

Typical applications for character OLED screens include industrial electronics, medical equipment, data loggers, DAB radios and bluetooth kits. All of our character OLED display solutions include:

  • Free viewing angle
  • Available in sizes 2 x 16 and 2 x 20 as standard
  • High contrast ratio at 10,000:1
  • Wide operating temperature from -40°C to 80°C
  • No backlight required, minimising power consumption
  • Compact design saves on PCB space and assists in reducing overall product size
  • Available in yellow or white display as standard