Graphic OLED displays are highly versatile, offering an exceptional contrast ratio, fast response time and wide viewing angles. 

At GTK, our graphic mono OLED screens are ultra-thin and suitable for a variety of industrial or consumer applications. Using high quality components and advanced techniques, we can ensure a reliable and optimised graphic OLED display solution that meets your exact requirements.   

Typical market applications include automotive, data loggers, car kits, bluetooth and DAB radios. All of our graphic OLED display solutions feature: 

  • Wide viewing angle of 160°
  • Contrast ratio at 2,000:1
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 70°C
  • No backlight required, minimising power consumption
  • Simple interface from controller IC to 6800/8080 microprocessor or 4 wire SPI/I2C interface
  • Ultra-thin module