TFT display with capacitive touchscreens

Our range of standard TFT LCDs with capacitive touchscreen technology allow for direct input by the user and reduces the need for more traditional, physical hardware interfaces.

TFT capacitive touchscreens rely on electronic transfer to function. They are faster than resistive models and can handle multi-touch inputs. Typical applications for TFT capacitive touchscreens include instrumentation, navigation equipment and kiosk displays.

At GTK, we supply a range of different touchscreen display module sizes and offer a variety of customisation options to provide highly specified optoelectronics solutions.

Our touchscreen TFT display solutions provide:

  • Customisation options including FPC and LED backlight
  • Backlit, colour screen
  • Operating temperature from -20°C to 70°C

Customisation options for capacitive touch panels include:

  • Optical bonding for improve sunlight readability and durability
  • Optical film to enhance viewing angles
  • Brightness and power consumption 

For resistive touchscreen options, see our range of standard TFT displays